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#1 Concrete Contractors Fort Lauderdale | Residential & Commercial Concrete Services

One of the worst things you can do for your home or property is having poorly poured concrete.

The concrete may be unleveled, have cracks, damages and discoloration.

It can happen to all sorts of concrete such as, walkways, driveways, steps or even stamped concrete.

That’s why you need a trustworthy and reliable concrete company with decades of experience.

Our Concrete Contractor Fort Lauderdale, FL has been voted the best concrete services in Fort Lauderdale for many years and customers love the outcome of their projects!

Because we put high amounts of attention to detail for every project we tackle, customers are extremely pleased with the final product.

We don’t cut corners and make sure we give it 100% to every concrete project no matter how small or big it is!

Whether you want stamped concrete, concrete steps, concrete driveways or sidewalks, or patios we are the concrete contractor in Fort Lauderdale you’re looking for!

Your search ends here so give us a call today for a free on-site estimate:

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Our list of concrete services in South Florida:

  • Stamped Concrete
  • Stained Concrete
  • Concrete Steps
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Walkways
  • Concrete Repairs
  • Floors
  • Garage / Shed Concrete Slab Contractor​
  • Designed & Decorative Concrete
  • Flagstone Emulation
  • Cobblestone Emulation
  • Paving
  • Countertops
  • Seawall Repair
  • Patios
  • Lanais
  • Pool Decks
  • Repairs
  • Parking Lots
  • Concrete Retaining Walls
    And More!

If you read further, we’ll be going into each of these services in more detail.

Let’s first discuss why concrete is so vital and you need to hire a professional concrete company versus trying to pour the concrete yourself.

Pouring cement is not to be taken lightly.

It’s not just a hobbyist DIY project where you can buy some concrete and start a project on your own.

Poorly finished concrete can cause cracks, damage, bumps, unevenness and may result in injury if it’s meant for people to walk on.

So in the long run, you’re actually saving yourself money and time by hiring a great concrete contractor.

If you want the best concrete contractors near you in Fort Lauderdale, then please give us a call anytime!

Concrete has almost an immortal material due to its longevity and durability.

That’s why the foundations of buildings are filled with concrete.

And one of the best things about concrete installation is that once it’s poured and cured correctly, you don’t need much maintenance at all.

Proper concrete construction will be able to last many decades with minimal maintenance and damage.

It lasts much longer than other natural material such as cobblestone or other rocks.

Please give us a call! We want to help!

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About us

10+ years of experience and expertise.
You’ll be amazed at our concrete service.

Our Concrete Contractors Fort Lauderdale Florida have dedicated thousands of hours to our craft of mastering the art of all things concrete.

Our team of experts have a combined total of decades of experience so you’re in very good hands when you trust us with your concrete project.

We are a family owned and as local concrete contractors, we focus solely on quality of work and making sure that we do an amazing job that make your jaws drop.

We tackle your project like it is a project of our own property.

Compared to another company, we go above and beyond for quality work and put in extreme amounts of attention to detail.

So whether you want stamped concrete, concrete patios, a concrete pool deck, or a concrete floor, please give us a call so we can add value to your property!

10+ years experience

World-Class Concrete Specialists

Family Owned

Cheap & Affordable

Premium Equipment & Handling

Extremely Precise & Accurate

Concrete Repairs Fort Lauderdale, FL

As one of the best concrete contractors in Fort Lauderdale, we pride ourselves in our ability to repair any type of concrete work.

Whether that is cracks, chips, surface problems, damages, or discoloration, we got you covered.

Here’s some of the concrete repairs we provide in South Florida:

  • Thin cracks
  • Deep cracks
  • Corner Chips
  • Crumbling edges
  • Entire section replacements
  • And more!

We do repair work for residential, commercial, buildings, driveways, walkways, floors, countertops, steps and anything else you can think of for existing concrete.

Here’s a few reasons why cracks and damages may appear in the concrete:

  • Plant roots from the ground can start to grow and cause concrete cracks
  • Hot and cold temperature plays a role in how the concrete shrinks and expands
  • Lots of traffic over the concrete
  • Normal wear and tear over time.

Although concrete projects are one of the most durable projects and materials on earth (that’s why we build foundations on them), there can at times be the odd situation where you have damages or wear and tear, or weather hammering on the concrete.

Or at times, the concrete is poorly poured in the first place which causes unevenness and damages over time.

That’s why you need to call concrete experts that can provide the highest quality construction services that can bring a lot of value to your home.

Give us a call today if you need concrete repairs in Fort Lauderdale!

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What people say about us

“I had a concrete walkway that was fine until one of our yard tree roots went right through it. It looked awful and was a tripping hazard for people walking across. We needed a company to come fast and get our walkway fixed ASAP. Concrete Contractors Fort Lauderdale FL were the EXACT service we asked for! Fast, professional, and friendly the whole way through. Highly Recommended.

Lisa M.
Google, January 2024

“Our wanted a sleek, modern design for our new place. I wanted concrete floors in places with some good looking designs and the same for our kitchen and bathroom counters. However, I didn’t want plain and boring gray slabs. Concrete Contractors Fort Lauderdale did not disappoint and am super pleased with the results. Our place looks amazing now. We get compliments from our guests and it’s a great modern design perfect for my design intentions. Thanks a lot guys!”

David C.
Google, March 2024

“Our old stone patio has seen better days. I’ve considered getting it repaired or replaced, but I knew it would be costly. Fortunately, I’ve heard about this whole stamped concrete thing. From a few feet away, I swear you couldn’t tell the difference. However, it is much cheaper and should last us many years longer.”

Adam T.
HomeAdvisor, March 2024

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Commercial and Residential Concrete in Fort Lauderdale

It doesn’t matter if it’s your home or an entire building for your business enterprise.
We can do it all!

With bigger projects, we have expert concrete teams available at our disposal to produce high-quality concrete projects!

As one of the Top Fort Lauderdale Concrete Contractors in Broward County, we never cut any corners and we pride ourselves on the quality of work we can produce!

We do our concrete jobs properly the FIRST time, so that you won’t need any redos in the future.

And getting it done the first time is imperative because you’ll need less maintenance and less cost for future repairs.

Our team can take on any construction projects whether that is for commercial properties or you just want concrete for your floor, we’re here for you in Fort Lauderdale, FL! And if you’re in the Las Vegas area, you can check out our Vegas services here.

You can go here for concrete services in Rochester, NY area.

We’re just a phone call away for beautiful concrete work!

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Walkway and Sidewalk Concrete

Let’s pretend that you have invited some guests over to your house. Just watch their amazement at your beautifully paved and designed walkway as they enter your gorgeous home. Wouldn’t that be pretty cool?

We know that the sidewalk and walkway into your home, can leave a lasting impression to guests coming into your house, so we make sure we put in 100% workmanship to make it the best walkway we can possible create.

With sideway installation, we line up the perimeter with some 2x4s and we form the basic shape of the walkway.

We then utilize some pin boards so they are stable during pouring and finishing.

Next, we make sure the concrete is straight and leveled and we will pour the concrete to about a depth of 4 inches and make sure the fresh pavement doesn’t bond with any structures nearby.

We also spread out the cement evenly and divide it into sections and ensure that it is smooth and silky on the surface.

You can design these walkways into any pattern or design you want!

You can have curves, winding walkways, steps, straight, or whatever your design desires are, we can talk about it!

Some design options for walkways:

  • Stained Walkways
  • Stamped Walkways
  • Flagstone Emulation
  • Cobblestone Emulation
  • Pavers

We can also pour basic and plain cement if you want to be minimalist.

You can also choose a secondary design on top of your primary for extra shapes, patterns, stones and cuts interwoven into your design.

Let’s start wowing your guests and making their jaws drop!

Call us today to schedule a free estimate!

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Concrete Driveways​ in Fort Lauderdale

Imagine a beautiful driveway to drive into with your car or vehicle. And just imagine that the amazing design of the concrete is perfectly laid out with no damage, no discoloration, no cracks and perfectly leveled. Wouldn’t that be a great feeling and something you can be proud of?

Concrete is a perfect material to pave your driveway with, because with concrete poured properly, it’ll be able to last for many years to come.

But if the concrete isn’t properly poured by the concrete pavers in Fort Lauderdale, it might not last as long.

Overtime, you can get some wear and tear from having your cars go back and forth on it.

That’s when you might need a driveway repair.

You can either have a concrete driveway installation done completely from scratch, or we can repair the concrete so that is feels and looks brand new.

Some driveways may even have water pooling, where water forms small puddles in certain areas on the concrete. This is because the paver has done a poor job in leveling out the concrete.

With our Concrete Contractors in Fort Lauderdale, we’ll make sure that your concrete driveway repair or new driveway installation is done right so you won’t have any of these pooling effects.

With proper grading and using our special technique, we’ll be able to have the water run in the correct direction so you get a nice, even finish on your beautiful concrete surface.

You can also check out our concrete services if you’re in Fort Myers or you can check our Cape Coral concrete services as well.

Fort Lauderdale Stamped Concrete and Decorative Concrete

Our Best Concrete Contractors Fort Lauderdale, Fl  also specialize in the best stamped concrete you can imagine!

Stamped concrete has been gaining a lot of popularity lately due to its beautiful look, sleek designs, awesome colors, and of course durability and longevity.

We have numerous amounts of patterns and decorative concrete designs for you to choose from, so you can design to your hearts desire!

We can install stamped concrete for many areas, including but not limited to:

  • Sidewalks and Walkways
  • Floors
  • Patios
  • Pool Decks
  • Steps
  • Driveways
  • Landscape Walls
  • Both indoors and outdoors
  • And much more!

One of the best things about stamped concrete is that we can use it to resemble other types of material such as cobblestone, slates or other type of natural material.

But of course, it has much more longevity than the “natural” material that it emulates. And it also has little to no maintenance required if properly installed.

We are one of the best stamped concrete contractors in Fort Lauderdale FL so please give us a call to get started today!

Stained Concrete​ in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Concrete Contractors 1

Not only can you choose different types and styles of concrete, you can also choose the color, rather than the dull grey color people are used to.

We can use many different colors to give some life to your concrete.

You can also choose different coatings to make your concrete surface smooth and sleek.

With our magic concrete touch, you can go from a boring old grey color to transform it into something that can liven up any area it is installed in.

With our highly advanced acid staining technique, we can apply many different colors and surfaces to regular grey concrete.

The steps:

  • Clean area with powered pressure washer to remove dirt and debris on the surface
  • Use a specialized cleaner and degreasing chemical to remove unwanted paint, stains and oils.
  • Use tape/paper on all sides to prevent staining other nearby surfaces.
  • Wet concrete before staining.
  • Once happy with the color and tone, we start the neutralization process and make the color permanent.
  • The last step is sealing the concrete and adding finishing touches.

Just like with stamped concrete, you can have a gorgeous looking surface with stained concrete and people will have no idea that is it even concrete!

Give us a call for any type of stamped or stained concrete job!

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Patios, Lanais, Porches, Pool Decks

Attention to Detail

Whether you want to start a brand new project or want to revitalize an older concrete project, we can help with all things patios, porches, pool decks and more!

From full renovations to small repairs, we can do it all.

When we start any project, we make sure that the surrounding areas are fully covered so that they are not drenched in cement and debris.

So we cover the surrounding area because you wouldn’t want cement on your plants or fences or other surfaces, would you?

We have many different design options for porches, patios and the like or you can just show us a picture or refer to an older project we may have done for reference for what you want for your porch project.

You’ll be able to amaze your guests as well as have a front yard or backyard that you can be proud of!

Concrete ​Repairs in Fort Lauderdale

Although we think concrete is a wonder material and lasts longer than many other materials, it’s also not perfect.

Sometimes poorly placed concrete may need repairs or full renovations.

Also, with a lot of traffic over a surface, natural wear and tear can occur.

If you have any damages on your concrete such as cracks, damages, pooling or just overall wear and tear due to time, we can help make your concrete brand new again.

We will not just make the surface stronger, but it’ll look like a brand new piece of concrete.

Call: 954-787-6281

Seawall Repair in Fort Lauderdale and Surrounding Beach Cities

If your property is located near the beach or body of water, then there is a chance where your concrete wall construction might have some water damage.

Seawall repair is a tricky job but luckily we specialize in concrete repairs so we have lots of experience in this area.

Because it is a vertical area, it does need a bit more work than your typical concrete work.

But of course, with our experience and expertise, we’ll be able to use advanced techniques and equipment to repair seawall damage in Fort Lauderdale in no time!

We’re able to let the concrete cure and dry before the water comes in with our special techniques.

Some concrete walls and concrete foundation near bodies of water might have some of the following damages:

  • Cracks
  • Damaged
  • Crumbling
  • Eroding

Although we consider ourselves an affordable concrete company in Fort Lauderdale, this type of repair might be more on the expensive side.

But of course, any kind of repairs can help elevate your properties value, including foundation repairs.

Give us a call now if you need repair work for your property at any time!

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Professional Concrete in Fort Lauderdale – Retaining Walls

There are many reasons why you might want to construct a concrete retaining wall.

You might want some kind of decorative wall for your landscaping project or you might want to separate either soil or plants from a certain area.

You can install a retaining wall for extra space for walkways, for extra parking space or just for aesthetic reasons.

You can also use these walls for uneven terrain to make it better to look at, while creating multiple levels of soil without having a “hilly” look.

We cover all kinds of concrete walls so please give us a call to discuss some options for your property!

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Garage and Shed Concrete Slab Contractor​

If you live in a home in Broward County or Fort Lauderdale, chances are you have a garage.

Even if you don’t have a garage, we are ready to work to help install a garage if that’s what you want done for your property.

But not only do we help install a garage, we can also help with sheds or other outdoor home improvement projects.

So if you want extra space added for your parking or other projects, then schedule an appointment with us to elevate your home and business!

Call: 954-787-6281

Concrete Floors & Decorative Floors

Stained Concrete 5

One of our specialties lies in overlaying concrete with a beautiful decorative cover.

This can not only make your home look more beautiful, but it can also raise your house’s value!

With any kind of decorative flooring, or sub flooring, we’re able to use many designs that you can choose from with many different finishes.

Please give our concrete company in Fort Lauderdale a call for any type of concrete solutions!

Call: 954-787-6281

Fort Lauderdale Concrete Steps

Concrete steps are also a common project that we receive from our clients.

Whether you need repair from damaged steps to make them brand new again, or you want a new pair of steps install for a fresh look, we can make it happen!

We can tear out some of the old steps, which may or may not be concrete, because it can be wood, stone, or other material and replacement with our beautifully designed concrete.

We also install them to they are level and steady which minimizes chances of injury.

Call: 954-787-6281

Concrete ​Countertops in Fort Lauderdale

Homeowners not only want the outside of their homes to look good, but they also want the inside of their homes to look equally beautifully.

That’s why some people opt to have design countertops made from concrete.

Whether you want to use countertops for your kitchen or living space, we have many different tiles and designs you can choose from, to transform your home into a modern-day beauty!

We can use concrete to make it resemble any kind of natural material such as marble, granite as well as other stone.

Concrete Services for Parking Lots

If you have damaged concrete that needs repairing for your parking lot then you might need our parking lot concrete services.

It’s annoying for vehicles to run on bad, damaged concrete, and you can alleviate that with a fresh batch of concrete work.

We’ll take care of all the tear down of the old concrete so that we can start pouring fresh cement to make your parking lot look brand new.

Please give us a call right today, for a free no-obligation on-site visit and estimate and let’s get started on your next dream project!

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